English Language of Instruction & English Language Arts

This workshop reviews the essential skills and end of course outcomes that the MEES stipulates in the program and course guides.

DBE Program and Course Familiarization.

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This workshop entails a deep study of the MEES criterion referenced rubrics for better understanding and more consistent evaluation practices. Either samples of translated rubrics into adult learner language are presented or an exercise in translating rubrics in adult learner language take place.

Understanding the DBE MEES Rubrics

This  workshop focuses on how to implement existing learning and evaluation situations within the class schedule in order to fulfill the MEES stipulated end of course outcomes.

Using Learning & Evaluation Situations

Collective Corrections

In this workshop, teachers correct adult learner samples of end of course exams. The goal is to not only discuss the MEES rubrics and better understand them but to standardize results.

Adressing the DBE Literacy Demands

This workshop reviews the new DBE literacy demands both at the content and disciplinary levels. The aim is to encourage educational professionals and teachers to collaborate on centre-wide literacy strategies to help adult learners not only succeed the DBE curriculum and exams, but to succeed future endeavors that require reading, writing, listening and speaking

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