Anglais, langue seconde

How can we help students develop C1? Some ideas to take the fear out of speaking a second language and... maybe even make it fun!

Walk Your Talk


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What is your classroom reality? How to survive when most of your students are at different levels and in different courses? 

The multi-level classroom survival kit

Do you have questions related to evaluation and implementation ?

ANG 5101 - Collective Correction


  • Collective correction

  • Evaluation overview

Oral Evaluation in English as a Second Language


  • Key resources

  • Evaluation Overview

  • Did you know?

  • Organizing Oral Evaluations

  • Tools for Developing Professional Judgement

Program, differentiation, professional development, learning situations and more

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Explore the possibilities of the digital portfolio in the ESL classroom

Discovering SEESAW


  • Hands-on activities

  • Key ideas 

Take five


Group discussion about the different aspects of secondary 


  • Learning situations

  • Evaluations (grids, formats, preparation)

  • Useful resources